Watch: I Saw The Devil. Steezy!!

First of all I love subtitles because if you can read and watch at the same time, its much easier to stomach than the dub terror lurking. When you substitute vocal actors to translate it creates an emotional disconnect with the audience. It is vital when viewing foreign films to just follow along with your native language’s text, because you lose the culture of the character since tone is different in all cultures and languages. If you substitute it, then you lose the authenticity and makes it a bit “Milli Vanilli”.

In terms of subtitles the movie gives you plenty to distract you while you are waiting for the text to change. The way the movie is shot seems like the darks are of a grey/green tint and and the South Korean scenery is both beautiful and, at parts, a bit foreboding. The camera is always postioned to grasp the emotional impact in every scene, capturing the hatred and confusion between our protagonist and our villain.

This Korean thriller promises to make an impact.. The sreenplay is solid and doesn’t saunter as the story glides alongĀ  to bring alot of epic “Jason Bourne” hand-to-hand action before you get to the twists which I will not be going into. Acting is top notch and the on screen chemistry between Choiwell-Sik Min (Oldboy Fame) and Byung Hun-Lee is as good as I’ve seen two actors complinment each other on opposite ends. There are enough gory scenes and “shouldn’t have messed with that guy” moments to keep you hyped, and alot of pieces of the story unraveling in between the action to keep anyone enthralled in the story. A must see for those who enjoy Old Boy, Itchi The Killer, Martyrs, or City Of God.


"When I see a guy walking down the street with a stupid look on his face I just wanna smash his head in with a bottle, that's normal to me, its weird for me that no one else feels the same." Eric Ryan Olsen

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