Update on Vita Iteration of Borderlands 2

Woof. The one thing that I can appreciate about Vita development is that it’s certainly ambitious!  Well, it seems as if that ambition is coming to a head thanks to the consistent amount of feedback and the fortunate milieu of current-fen gaming. Gearbox and 2K have finally stamped Borderlands 2 for Vita with a release date! Well, kind of.

Gearbox and 2K have recently disregarded the statement, saying that the March release was posted to Twitter in error, but it could be that Gearbox and 2K are simply trying to save face. Sites like Newegg had the title posted at $39.99, with a release date of 03/18/14. It appears the date has now been altered to reflect a holiday release for 2014. I honestly believe this to be an over-projection regardless.

Despite being well over a year and a half old, it seems as if the series is in need of revitalization and I can honestly say that a Vita iteration of this classic just might fit the bill. The Vita has already proven that it’s more than capable of showcasing its prowess with FPS titles like Killzone: Mercenaries, so this is shaping up to be a much-needed quarter for the Vita.

Aside from a  previously “cemented” release date, developers also ensured that Borderlands 2 will also support up to 4 player co-op while maintaining the lure that has made the series incredibly popular to begin with.

Sadly, it also appears that the Borderlands 2 release for Vita would have been sharing the Final Fantasy X/X-2’s release date of March 18th, putting current and prospective Vita owners in an understandably difficult position of which title to pick. For more information on the FFX/X-2 release, check out our initial piece!

Marc Douglas

Marc Douglas

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