Trailer: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

After watching this trailer for the first time, I felt fear. The trepidation I felt is akin to most peoples thoughts after watching Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3: There is too much going on for the story to be good. But then I watched the trailer again. I started to pick up on Marc Webb’s tone he is setting, his delicate hand at story telling, and his affinity for live action over CG (well, if it’s possible for the shot). I began to feel confident that this won’t be another Spiderman 3 catastrophe. I mean, Sony has surly learned the err of their ways and won’t FORCE villains into a movie in which they have no place because they deserve their own movie with a completely fleshed out story arch since they are a complicated character *ahem-Venom-cough*. We’ll have to see. It seems that Electro is the main villain in this movie… wait, maybe it’s Harry Osborne? Damn. Wait again, Paul Giamatti can’t possibly play a small part in this movie as the Rhino, can he? Double damn! I feel the anxiety coming back…

I jest, but it is a small fear I have. Otherwise, this trailer does look to keep the trend of a slightly darker Spider-Man, which I actually quite enjoyed with the first. I will admit though, I’m growing tired of this origin story. I thought they laid a great foundation, and now it’s time to see if Webb can continue build a great story upon it. The icing on the cake is that they do hint at what is to come in Spidey’s universe. You see Harry walking through the lab as he passes by a pair of metallic wings and tentacles. Just speculation, but it would seem they are setting up a Sinister Six story. Only time will tell if that actually plays out, but in the mean time, ignore my stupidity and fear, and enjoy this fantastic trailer.


Eric Paul

Eric Paul

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