Trailer – Earth Defense Force 2025

Look, Doug… Can I call you Doug? I would love to tell you, Doug, that you will love Earth Defense Force 2025. Hell, I would love to tell you that you would even simply “like it”, but I can’t promise you that. This type of game speaks dearly to an esoteric group that adores horrible, 80’s, Sci Fi monster movies, and it looks to continue the trend. Doug, these games are all about huge explosions, farming to get your hands on literally hundreds of deadly weapons, obliterating giant ants, spiders and robots, decimating entire city blocks, abysmally cheesy dialog, and… I’m not entirely sure why you haven’t left to go place your preorder already. Get your life together, Doug!

Earth Defense Force 2025 will be released in North America on February 18th and in Europe on the 21st on the PS3 and XBox 360. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to practice my giant bug killing skills.

Eric Paul

Eric Paul

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