Tired of having a soul? Trade it for Minecraft.

If you’re a pro internet user like most of us here, then you’ve already heard of the glorious jewel in gaming that is Minecraft. Created by the lord and savior Notch, and bestowed upon his beloved children through www.minecraft.net and a shit ton of hard work. If you’re not familiar with Minecraft, then you probably should go ahead and skip this article. Minecraft cannot simply be explained and understood to any single person. You have to get the game, travel far down into the mines of Minecraftia, and then share the same heart ache every Minecraft player has felt. Mining for hours straight only to be met with a pool of lava. Common sense would tell you Lava + Person + Things on person = No more person and things. Well, that’s exactly what happens to you and your precious diamonds or gold.

Now this isn’t a review for the entire game of Minecraft, to be honest. It’s more of a review of my experiences with Minecraft, and maybe it’ll help sway someone into playing it. The first time I saw Minecraft I immediately said “Graphics suck, looks gay, I won’t play it.” That is, until I got too curious and downloaded my first copy. The needle and syringe are still in my arm as I write this. The drug that is Minecraft constantly whispering into my ear “Play me, play me, play me, play me.” You know it’s bad when 90% of my dreams since Alpha have been about building houses or something offensive.

Let’s dive right into this and start with what my article is really about – Survival Multiplayer. Survival Multiplayer is a game mode where you and other people on a server basically survive. You’re probably thinking, “Oh sounds pretty easy.” Shut up, you know NOTHING. Have you ever had to punch a tree to make a house? Use a wooden pickaxe to mine stone or lived in a mud hut? That’s right, I said mud hut and I’m not proud of it. When you start out in the game, you literally start out with nothing (that is unless you’re on a craftbukkitserver running an ungodly amount of plugins, that’s for another article entirely). The best thing to do is find wood, dig up some dirt, and get yourself set up before night time.

When night time falls all the bad things start crawling out of every cave and randomly appear on the nearest hillside. Anything from Skeletons and spiders, all the way to Creepers. Creepers are these four legged green things that hiss like a cat and explode like a hand grenade. No, no… Stop thinking about a Caternade and how much you want to own one. Anyway, during the night time you can either stay in the corner of your mud hut praying to notch or you can man up and start beating ass. I suggest going with the stone sword early on, because we all know wood swords are worthless.

Alright, now that I’ve prepared your mind for the deity that is Minecraft it’s time to tell you how to survive the first night! Surviving the first night is farily simple unless you do what my brother and I did, and spawn in on mapseed “IhateMinecraft”. That map seed is literally a frozen tundra, miles away from any real wood, food, or unfrozen water for fishing. It’s basically like Russia without the vodka, and I don’t think you want that.

The first thing you want to do is punch yourself a few trees. When I say a few, I’d recommend about 4 trees. This way you have plenty of wood for a crafting table, sticks and a door. Now, more on the crafting table item because it is essential. You need to carry that thing around with you forever. You never know when you’re going to be down in the depths of Minecraftia and go “Shit, I don’t have any more pickaxes. But I have wood and cobble.” Good going, now you have to try to find your way to the surface and go through countless mobs to do it.

After you’ve punched your trees you want to make your crafting table. Once you’ve built yourself a crafting table, make yourself some sticks for tools. The first two tools you’ll ever need are a pickaxe, and a shovel. Once you’ve got both these tools, you need to use the shovel to dig up about 64 dirt (or a stack of dirt) for your first survival hut. Once this is done, you need to build a door for your hut so that those icky monsters can’t get inside your hovel.

At this point you’re making decent progress at surviving the first night but you aren’t completely done. We can’t have you starving to death before the sun rises, can we? The next thing you want to do is find some cobble, and mine at least 5. This way you can use 2 for a stone sword, and 3 for a stone pickaxe. You’re going to be using that sword to slay every tasty meaty treat for miles, because you’ve got to eat. Obviously, the stone pickaxe is for mining the stone faster once you get to that point.

At this point, all you need to do is slay a few pigs or cows, use your spare wood on your furnace. Wait, you don’t have a furnace? Well, you better go mine 8 cobblestone and get yourself that furnace, son! Once you’ve got the food cooked, enjoy mining until the sun comes up. Pat yourself on the back, you just survived your first night.


Further help via the Minecraft Wiki

Dicky Ahab

Dicky Ahab

What can I really say about myself? I enjoy beer, good company, and good video games. I've been addicted to Minecraft since Alpha and it's about the only game I've been hooked to for awhile now. I'm also into just about every FPS on the market (for PC, FPS has no place on the Console). That's really about it I guess.

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