This is a call for communication

Dear Half-Life fans,

There is a call to arms over in the Steam community. We are calling Valve out to gain their attention to receive any information at all about Gordan Freeman’s fate in the Half-Life series. We aren’t asking for anything more than a simple nod that, yes, Half-Life 3 is being considered. The reason? We haven’t heard anything at all from Valve in regards to Half-Life since 2007! The story didn’t wrap up (even with two additional episodic games that follow up Half-Life 2). Valve is doing fine, financially. So why are they being so hush hush about any new information regarding the Freeman and one of their most successful franchise?

How do we plan on gaining Gabe Newell’s attention? On February 4th, at 2pm EST, over 38,000 fans (total as of this writing) plan on playing Half-Life 2 for as long as they can that day to show Valve that we still very much care about this man’s journey, this upcoming game, this series in general, and Valve themselves. Of course, you must own this game on PC so that the fellows at Steam (owned by Valve) can see what their users are playing. And they will take notice of this movement, if they haven’t already. So follow the link HERE¬†and join the ranks. We’ll see you on Steam.



Via Steam Community

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