The Walking Dead: Season 2 – Episode 1: All That Remains Release

The day has finally come! Well, it came a few days ago, but it’s a forgivable amount. Stop focusing on the fact that The Walking Dead: Season 2 – Episode 1: All That Remains came out 5 days ago and instead focus on the fact that it’s finally here!

So far, All That Remains and all of its descriptors  are only available on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and on Steam for both PC and Mac; there are no specifics on a next-gen release, but it is anticipated to release on the Vita and Telltale has future plans for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, so it’s an all around win for the developer and series.

This episode focuses more so on the humanistic element of Clementine’s character and apparently sports several ways in which she can die; it should be interesting since her character has garnered a universally established need to protect her from the unknown. All That Remains also factors in your prior decisions from Season 1, as well as 400 Days to further bolster the adaptive gameplay that has made the series so incredibly popular.

Definitely jump on this while it’s still fresh and while the internet is still somewhat devoid of unabashed spoilers for the newest installment; you should should also keep your favorite Geekarate authors in mind when making your last-minute purchases for the season! Happy Holidays!

Marc Douglas

Marc Douglas

I'm currently a full-time student that spends far too much time playing video games and very little on homework; I'm elated to share my thoughts and rants with such an eclectic group of authors and welcome any and all questions!

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