The Return of At The Drive-in?

Do my eyes deceive me? Am I going insane? Are one of my favorite bands ever going to reunite?

It looks like it might be a possibility. If you go over at┬áthere is a little blurb about it that says “Attention! To whom it may concern: At The Drive-in will be breaking their 11 year silence. This station… is now… operational”! Go ahead, check it out for yourself, we’ll wait…

Did you check it out? Boner worthy, right?.

It may be a ruse, it may be truth. Whatever it is, it got the teenager inside of me excited. No word yet on if this is just for a reunion tour, a single show, or possibly new material, but who cares what the outcome is as long as something happens, amiright? For now, if you haven’t heard of them, just listen to the sweet sweet serenade of ATDI.


Via At The Drive-In’s website

Eric Paul

Eric Paul

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