The Raid

Hey kids, do you like awesome trailers? Do you like violent trailers? Like, really really obesely violent/awesome trailers? Then have I got a treat for you!

The movie? It’s called The Raid. It came out in 2011, and I haven’t been able to find a copy of it yet (meaning I checked Netflix. Nothing. Damn!), but I’m going to hunt this movie down. I don’t normally condone torrenting, but a nerd’s gotta do what a nerd’s gotta do. If I find a physical copy, I’ll gladly give them my money. Watch this trailer, and, after you watch it, just try to tell me these fight scenes look weak. I fucking dare you. Just, try to mind the Mike Shinoda and Linken Park music attached to the movie, I’m sure you can look past that blemish. That ugly ugly blemish. Anyway, I’m off to find a copy, but you should watch the trailer after the break. TO THE INTERNETS!!!

Eric Paul

Eric Paul

I draw stuff and occasionally build websites. I sometimes like to write words about the video games, personal computing machine devices, and moving pictures too.

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