The New Uncharted Teaser has been revealed

Naughty Dog has officially solidified the rumors that they are working on the latest installment in the Uncharted series. Obviously, this is no surprise to fans and developers alike, especially with the series being touted as one of the better exclusives to the Playstation franchise.

Regardless, the newest Uncharted project isn’t marked by its lineage, but is instead referred to as the “Uncharted project” and “our Uncharted” by developers, denoting that there could be an intentional shift in narrative or even directionality of story! So far, the teaser and announcement suggest a Playstation 4 exclusive release, but with it being this early in development, my fingers are certainly crossed for a broadened release.

I do find it interesting that Naughty Dog has opted to exclude the Playstation 3 and Vita at this point in time. Could this suggest that the newest Uncharted is still several years away from release? Unfortunately, only time will tell given Naughty Dog’s cryptic update and only speculative analyzation to go off of. If you’re interested in a more comprehensive breakdown of the video, you need only visit The Official Playstation Magazine for more clues and what to expect.


Source: The Official Playstation Magazine

Marc Douglas

Marc Douglas

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