The new Avengers trailer is out! Assemble and watch it now!

The new Avengers trailer is out and all I have to say for the moment is HULK SMASH EVERYTHING!  Now, go watch! We’ll talk afterwards.


There is something about the Avengers movie that has been nagging at me since I heard that it was officially being green lit. Hollywood has historically failed at balancing a storyline with multiple lead/focal characters (Spiderman 3, I see you hiding over there). There’s a lack of cohesion that leaves the audience with nagging questions about characters who are presented with little to no background but who are normally integral to the story’s final resolve. I understand the need to squeeze a coherent story into a limited space, but in most instances the industries high level overview of a character is simply not enough to appease.


With the Avengers, however, most of our top tier characters have all had their own movies to layout the character and their motives, but I fear that questions about Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury might clog this group origin story.


While I know I sound negative I would like to say that I have complete faith in Joss Whedon’s almost magical ability to bend an audience’s imagination to his will. These are simply hang-ups that I’m annoyed that Hollywood can’t see when they take on these ambitious projects time and time again. For now though I’ll be putting my fears on the back burner because there’s a world that needs saving and I need to be there to see it happen.


Avengers Assemble!


The Avengers hits theaters May 4th, 2012.

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