The Last of Us – Debut Trailer

This is the debut trailer for Naughty Dog’s latest game The Last of Us. We were told that an exclusive first look would be revealed at the VGA’s tonight, and it looks like we got a bigger treat than what we were thinking we’d get. Expectations have been high as we waited with bated breath to finally understand what this damn game was even remotely about, and tonight, a small portion has been revealed. Previously on their website,, the only things they have shown were two images and a video. The images were one of a beaten up looking news stand, and the other was a picture of some trees. The video they have is one that is full of ants, with an ominous tone playing behind it, until the screen blacks out and you hear some clicking and then an inhuman scream. Not much to go off of from there.

This video suggests that everything in this trailer “is in game footage from a PS3”, which I believe has the exclusive rights to this game. If this is true, then PS3 owners are in for a real treat because the visuals in this trailer are GORGEOUS! I wouldn’t expect anything less from Naughty dog since they seem to be the developers that understand how to bring the best out of the PS3’s hardware.

There has been speculation that this game would be a zombie game, but to what degree is another question. Around the internet, some theorize that there is a mushroom that turns ants into zombies, and that is the significance of the ants in the previous trailer. The latest trailer proves that their are indeed some sort of mindless humans/zombies, as well as a heavily mutated human that has, what appears to be, fungi growing out of it’s head, which helps give merit to the whole zombie-ant theory . Is this suggesting there is simply some sort of fungus that directly turns humans into zombies, or is the fungus using ants as a catalyst to get to humans? Is it simply a viral infection? Maybe, with an extremely low probability, we are getting some sort of sci-fi, ant monster and zombie game!?! A boy can dream.  Let us know what you think is going on in this trailer in the comments.



*EDIT* Apparently, Viacom didn’t like that the trailer was out on Youtube due to it initially debuting on the VGA’s on Spike TV, so they took down the original video. Thankfully, one of our readers sent us an updated link. Thanks Chewie!

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