The Growing Pains of the Vita

Marc Douglas

Marc Douglas

I'm currently a full-time student that spends far too much time playing video games and very little on homework; I'm elated to share my thoughts and rants with such an eclectic group of authors and welcome any and all questions!

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6 Responses

  1. The Vita sounds great on paper, but I feel that it’s mainly going to be bought to be used to play PS4 Games instead of any games dedicated for the handheld. Here’s hoping Sony can turn it around.

    • Marc Douglasmynameismarc says:

      I definitely hope so. The Vita is a workhorse of a handheld, but the major drawbacks seem to really mar the overall appeal. I mean, I absolutely love it, but I absolutely loved the Dreamcast and the Sega Saturn too. Ahh, I guess that’s an unfair comparison, but it at least feels like Sony is making an effort to support it somewhat!

      • It seems it’s the Wii-U of the handheld world. I love the Wii-U but the only people in the industry that seems to believe in it is Nintendo.

        • Marc Douglasmynameismarc says:

          I actually really like your comparison of the Wii-U and the Vita; I feel like both systems are more than capable on their own, but are hindered for different reasons. The Wii-U has seemingly lost its edge when it comes to full utilization of its tablet-like controller, but this supremely comes back on the developers more than anything. The Vita on the other hand has had an incredibly rocky introduction, and the fact that Sony expected prospective buyers to shell out money for a console, proprietary memory card and games to play just feels like an insult.

  2. Retro Heavy says:

    Yeah! fingers crossed for more vita content… I picked one up over the summer and have really enjoyed gravity rush, sound shapes, LBP, rayman, persona 4, MGS hd Collection. Demo’ed Tearaway and it seems really awesome. Plus I’m looking forward to Remote play PS4.

    • Marc Douglasmynameismarc says:

      Mine are crossed right along with you! I’ve heard nothing but great things about Sound Shapes and Gravity Rush and my heart is set on the MGS HD collection, but my poor memory card can’t handle anything else! I recently beat Uncharted Golden Abyss and absolutely loved it! I’ve been really curious about Persona 4 too, how is it?

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