Steam Machine and Controller Shipping Today

Today is the day! Valve will be shipping their prototype Steam Machines and controller to 300 lucky bastards all across the US. If you are one of the fortunate souls that are in line to receive one of these machines, you should have been notified on Wednesday the 11th via Steam, hand bathed in virgin blood, and been anointed a deity to your own personal sect based on the religion of “You”. Now, I do have some good news and some bad news for everyone. Let’s start with the bad.

The bad news?  I was NOT notified for a Steam Machine. *fart noise*

The good news? The SteamOS will be available today for all you Linux tinkerers. There is a caveat to this though, it sounds like the SteamOS is pre-commercial, so there is a likelihood that if you don’t have any idea how to compile a linux kernel, then you might want to save that freed up partition space on your hard drive for the Valve official installer that will likely come later in 2014 for everyone. Or, at the very least, until someone is nice enough to build an unofficial installer for everyone. Sounds like we’ll know more about that at CES in January.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Steam community for further updates. You should also keep an eye out on your Steam friends for someone that has a special label that identifies them as having a Steam Machine and bombard them with questions and picture requests, and then be kind enough to send them our way.


Source: Valve

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