Resistance 3!!

At first, I wondered why I hadn’t seen the promotion for this game as I’d seen for Flashpoint and Madden. I had loved the previous installments of the series and had played the beta version of the multiplayer and thought it was great. So, I took my chances and I bought it shortly after the release date and started the saga that is the campaign.

You are Joseph Capelli. Four years have passed since the events of Resistance 2, and the Earth Defense forces, that were once mighty, have but fallen and the human resistance is now basically a network of militia style fighters. There are no hints of politics left. The campaign mode is pushing survival at all cost. Within seconds of the campaign mode, the action sizzles and one can’t help but be hooked. The controls are exactly what you’d expect in a FPS and they are nice and tight. There are lots of Chimera to waste in the game, and they have a nice weak vs. strong ratio in the attacks to help make it fun and challenging. The feral Chimera are about the most troublesome early on, as they are everywhere and unpredictable.

Now lets talk about the sweet firepower this one is packing. The Atomizer!! Just get ahold of one of those overwhelming assaults of Chimera that Resistance is known for, and then get at me. All joking aside, there are so many weapons to choose from and each is perfect for a number of hairy situations. The secondary fire will be as equally valuable to you to use as any grenade, such as the Atomizer, that I’m so fond of, is basically a portable electric chair. Just get into the crowd and watch it arc off of all that tremble before you. Then, hit the secondary fire and use it to create an automated killing machine that causes anything that gets close to it to perish. Perfect for when you are flanked on both sides and need some cover to deal with some snipers. The Marksman precision heavy assault also has a similar automated mini turret for laying down the cover. The great thing is that Resistance 3 keeps throwing situations at you that require you to switch it up to find the right firepower for the right enemies. Your upgrades come to you as you wield the firearms and rewards you handsomely in destruction. I really can’t say enough about this area of the game. Insomniac really hit the mark on the controls and creativity in the armory.

The gameplay and atmosphere of the game are great. The Chimera let out a growl or nasty gurgle sound upon death, and the spacey music is well placed. The bosses are huge and I found myself several times out of ammo in several long bouts, but I tend to play it safe in most instances and keep my distance and keep firing.  The Co-Op mode is another sweet addition to the game giving a little more way to the interactive perks. The story of the game keeps the player enthralled in the moment and presents a touch of humanity to the chaos.

Now to review the soft spots such as the graphics. With superb graphics of today from titles like LA Noire and Guns of the Patriots, Insomniac kind of leaves alot to be desired in the eye candy dept. I mean, you are releasing on the PS3: a system known for unparalleled graphic ability and blu ray quality picture. I just felt that the graphics should be better than the last one. They aren’t bad, so don’t get me wrong, they just aren’t memorable at all. Another downside is the cut scenes could have had a bit more “zazz”, you know?

Which brings me to the last thing on the list, the multiplayer. It’s not bad, and is loads of fun with friends. The multiplayer is set in competitve FPS fashion and has unlockable weaponry to keep you coming back, with some cool perks thrown in as well. The killstreak rewards are good and bad all at the same time. They are great when you have them and everyone else doesn’t, but if you get too many players with shields on, it makes for a shit game. It also can be overwhelming for occasional FPS gamers as it is chaotic and hard to tell a team-mate from an enemy at times..

All in all, it is a great game and totally worth adding to your library. Fans of the series will not be¬†disappointed, and newcomers can enjoy it as well. Insomniac really did a great job bringing the whole package together for an exciting FPS, and really adding illustrious storytelling to the genre. Getch’a game on.


"When I see a guy walking down the street with a stupid look on his face I just wanna smash his head in with a bottle, that's normal to me, its weird for me that no one else feels the same." Eric Ryan Olsen

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