Possible Left 4 Dead 3 Screens Surface

Hmmm, well what do we have here? It seems that a careless Valve employee somehow (possibly) accidentally released a screen grab of a PowerPoint presentation that not only showcased the Source Engine 2, but also Left 4 Dead 3. What’s truly exciting about this is that Valve’s long rumored inability to count to 3 is inching closer to being mercilessly fisted back up the ass of the internet!

Let’s take a look at that image real quick:


Oh yeeeeah, now turn around all sexy like and stand next to an old picture of yourself (found in this thread on reddit thanks to Dok1):


There are a few things you want to take notice of in this comparison:

1) the foliage is at a much higher count. If this is indeed Source Engine 2, it looks to be able to render more debris at a finer scale. I mean, just look at the detail of the dong on that statue! Exquisite.

2) Look at them god damned shadows! Now, assuming these shadows are not hard coded, it looks like Valve has done an impressive job in their light rendering in the new engine with it being able to cast shadows on complex geometry. Not only that, but the amount of objects on screen that create a shadow is impressive. Now, it is not unheard of for modern games to have everything cast a shadow, or at least seem like it does, but a lot of the time the shadows are not dynamic due to limited computing resources. A common trick to cut corners and feign realistic shadows is to simply paint the shadows directly on the object since they’d rather use the computing power elsewhere on something people other than artists will pay attention to. Pffft, whatever.

The Source Engine 2 is real, the all mighty Gaben acknowledged it’s existence back in 2012 here. What we don’t know is what game they will first release to showcase the new engine. Will it be Left 4 Dead 3, or is this just a game they are working on while they prepare Gordan Freeman’s return to truly show what the new engine is capable of?

Let us know what you think of these screens in the comments.

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