Pokemon Fan Artwork – Raichu

If you’re anything like me, it’s likely that you went through an awkward Pokemon card phase that somehow managed to coexist alongside your unremitting love for Pokemon red and blue – and maybe yellow, and possibly silver.

No? Ahh, okay.

Well, there’s still a good possibility that you could’ve been swept up in the Pokemon card craze that eventually resulted in mountains upon mountains of duplicate energy cards that ultimately became colorful ninja stars.

Still not ringing any bells? Fart.

Regardless, if I have piqued your interest, read on to see what local artist Kayko decided to do with a surplus of Pokemon cards!

Consisting of 30 diagonally arranged Pokemon cards, this original piece depicts the bipedal Pokemon in his trademark leap with unmistakable aplomb – it isn’t coincidental that Raichu just so happens to be Kayko’s favorite Pokemon as well!


The decoupage took roughly five hours to complete and was spread out over several days time; the cards consist of duplicates ranging from Eevee to the ever-popular Kakuna and energy cards. The cards were glued to a 13” x 9” canvas and then painted using exclusively acrylic paint before being mounted in its current frame.

Be sure to check out her Facebook artist page or Instagram for a more comprehensive take on the artist and for more illustrative goodies!

Disclaimer: because of the coating on the cards and the flaky properties of the acrylic paint, the piece must remain in the frame in order to avoid any further chipping.


Marc Douglas

Marc Douglas

I'm currently a full-time student that spends far too much time playing video games and very little on homework; I'm elated to share my thoughts and rants with such an eclectic group of authors and welcome any and all questions!

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