Obscura – Omnivium

As a lifer to the metal scene, I’ve really stepped away from alot of newer releases of any death metal band since the market is so over-flooded with recycled tech riff after tech riff, gurgling pig squealing, and overall bullshit like Suicide Silence, running amok with ten thousand more west coast rich kids in tow.

Skip all that with Obscura.

A trusted friend dropped that into my media player and it is so heavy! Having been a fan of the previous album, Cosmogenesis, I was a little intrigued, and now, I had good reason. You can hear the fretless bass action of Jeroen Paul Thesseling, of Pestilence fame. Although, he’s not currently in the line up due to personal differences, he is brilliant on the album. Hannes Grossmann, ex Necrophagist, is keeping the drums brutal the whole album through. The guitar work of both Christian Muenzner, ex Necrophagist, and Steffen Kummerer is really amazing. Brutal riff after brutal riff, tons of sweet harmonizing technicality, and hella crazy solos that slide so smoothly in and out of every riff.

Kummerer, handling both guitar and vocal duties, is quite impressive considering how the music keeps such a steady technical pace. The vocals are brutal and classic, giving one hint of Behemoth and Cynic.

Great album. Great band. If you like Hate Eternal, Cynic, or any technical death metal, this is one album that you have to own.


Recommended Listening:

Velocity, Vortex omnivium, Euclidean elements, A Transcendental Serenade


"When I see a guy walking down the street with a stupid look on his face I just wanna smash his head in with a bottle, that's normal to me, its weird for me that no one else feels the same." Eric Ryan Olsen

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