New Steam Controller Layout

At Steam Dev Days yesterday, Valve announced a new new layout for their Steam Controller. The new design has removed the center track pad idea, since it was redundant to the touch craters that are used instead of joysticks, they moved the four buttons that once surrounded the track pad, put them in a more familiar diamond shape toward the bottom center of the controller, and they also included a d-pad for more precision focused games like 2D platformers and fighting games. This new design is admittedly more familiar to most gamers, but I wouldn’t call it anything but an improvement as it seemed like the face buttons were just in a really weird place. Oh, and the inclusion of a d-pad is much welcomed since I couldn’t imagine playing Super Meat Boy without it.

The controller prototype just went out a month ago to 300 lucky beta testers of the Steam Machine. Valve has been quick to adapt to the feedback they have already received, and I wouldn’t doubt the controller will possibly be seeing another incarnation before it’s final reveal later this year. I was a little worried before, but that worry has slowly morphed into giddy optimism, and I can’t wait to get my hands on this controller and molest it like a gentleman. Who’s with me?

Via Gamespot

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