Naughty Dog Reveals More About The Last of Us: Left Behind

Ohhhh man, it’s announcements like this that make me sad that I sold off my copy of The Last of Us, but a man can only take that ending so many times! Either way, I’m incredibly elated to know that Naughty Dog is working to extend the story and further add to the already prodigious amount of content offered by the game.

Left Behind will function primarily as an expansion, lending to the proliferation of Ellie’s character before meeting Joel. I’ve personally read the Dark Horse illustrations that demystify Ellie’s past, and they’re incredibly brief; taking maybe a half hour to read all four.

The upside is that with transience comes incredible opportunity meaning that Naughty Dog will be able to completely humanize the experience and will unreservedly kill it. Also, with the focus on Ellie and Riley’s relationship, it should be interesting to see how Naughty Dog chooses to fashion a few key locations, as well as how Ellie becomes the emboldened individual that Joel eventually befriends.

The Last of Us: Left Behind is slated for an early 2014 release, and is included in the season pass. There is no price yet for the DLC, but it is still available for pre-order on the Playstation Network.


Source: Official Playstation Magazine

Marc Douglas

Marc Douglas

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