Nada Surf – The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy

What comes to mind when you hear the name Nada Surf? I assume that, for most of you, it is probably, “Holy shit! that band is still around?” or “Didn’t they have that song “Popular” in the 90’s?” Well, to be fair, both of those assumptions would be correct. Nada Surf does still in fact exist, and they are back with a much more mature indie sound. Putting out their 7th studio album since 1996, and after being dropped by Elektra records, and spending a brief period releasing albums independently, their new album has surfaced on City Slang records.

Forever trying to escape the fate of being labeled a one hit wonder, I actually enjoy their new sound quite a bit more. Leaving the catchy hooks and gimmicks of mid 90s alt rock behind, Nada Surf tackles the indie rock sound with a vengeance. Even though they may have shed some of their radio friendly pop sensibilities,  you can tell they are definitely playing music that they want to. No gimmicks, no bullshit, just enjoying music. Which is good to see from a band that is in the midst of a 20 year career.

For me, this album is perfect for that rainy day where you just need something to jam out to, sitting in a coffee shop and reading a book, or just need something to remind you of where you came from, which is apparent on the track “Teenage Dreams”. Where singer/guitarist Matthew Caws states, ” It’s never too late for teenage dreams, you’ll get through the days.” Look for it to hit stores January 24th.

Recommended tracks: “Teenage Dreams”, “Looking Through”, “When I Was Young”



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