Motorola X Valentine’s Day Sale

Calling all Android fans! It seems as if Motorola is once again fully backing its flagship with another price drop! The unlocked and highly customizable handset recently dropped to $399.99, but is temporarily reduced by 70 boners, leaving the 16 GB model at $329.99 and the 32 GB model at a cool $349.99.

The Moto X also boasts a stateside assembly and a rather comprehensive Moto builder portion to the site that is capable of producing over 200 color and accent combinations, which also includes four authentic wood back panels for $25.00 more. Having recently taken the builder for a spin, I was greeted with an incredibly simplistic and streamlined interface; hues are categorized, as are juxtaposed accents. It even allows you to choose a greeting, background, and Gmail synchronization all before your phone is even in your hands. Personal back plate engravings are also available as part of the customization process.

Since this is a nearly pure Android experience, with little to no bloatware, you can expect quick updates. The Moto X is also among the select few handsets that have already received the 4.4 update, which is worth considering when investing in a future-proof phone.

For anything else I’ve failed to cover, check out Eric’s initial piece on the Moto X!

Definitely jump on this sale, as it’s only running through Valentine’s Day. Several conjunctive specials are also running alongside the Moto X, like heavily discounted JAX earbuds, as well as Motorola’s trade in and financing programs. And just for esses and jeez, I screen-capped the crimson beast I’ll soon own – who knows, I might go back to the bright spearmint instead. JUDGE ME.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 2.40.40 PM


Marc Douglas

Marc Douglas

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