Microsoft Is Giving $100 Credit For Your PS3

In a ballsy marketing campaign, Microsoft is giving customers $100 in store credit towards an XBox One if they hand over their old PS3, XBox 360 E, and XBox 360 S. This only applies if you take your aging console to a Microsoft Retail store in the US, of course, but that’s quite a chunk of change for a console when the retail price for all three is around $199. Hell, the Gamestop down the street would only give me a fart on my pillow and $20 for the same console.

Despite the XBox One’s sales figures –they have sold a measly 3 million consoles so far, no big deal–, it baffles me as to why they feel they need to close the gap on the $100 cheaper PS4 when the price difference doesn’t seem to be dissuading customers. It doesn’t really make sense to sell Microsoft your old console back to them either since the XBox One isn’t backwards compatible. At any rate, it looks like if you want a discounted taste of the “next-gen” it’ll cost you a little less than your first born and all your left socks now.

Eric Paul

Eric Paul

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