Introducing: The Digital Tattoo Interface

I’ve seen humans do a lot of weird things to their bodies in my time, but this is by far the weirdest/most interesting thing that has been developed. This is the Digital Tattoo Interface.

The short and skinny of it:
This is a bluetooth enabled device that you insert in your arm… and is powered by your own blood.¬†Let that sink in for a moment…

Now, let’s get a little more technical than that:

This little beauty is surgically inserted in to your arm through a small incision, and it rests between your skin and your muscle tissue. Then, tubes are inserted into your main arteries (using that same incision), blood is pumped into the device, it then converts the oxygen and glucose in your blood into electricity, and you interact with the device like you would a touch screen on your cel phone. The display can be seen through your skin, and has a similar look as a tattoo when it is turned on. The device interacts with your portable gadgets (like your cell phone) via bluetooth, so you can text or make a call by touching your arm. They say that you can even make video calls with the thing. The possibilities go beyond cell phone usage with talks of the device even alerting you of blood disorders and irregularities.

This is still just a concept with no word of going into production. Would you be into a thing like this? Sound off in the comments.


Via Core77

Eric Paul

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