Into the depths of youtube

This will probably be the shortest article I will write, but it will maintain most of it’s quality I assure you.

We’ve all done what I’m about to share, and if you don’t own up to it, quit drinking.

You’re drunker then a skunk in front of your computer, when the greatest idea pops into your head: Let’s go onto youtube and watch shit until we literally shit! One day I happened to do this while intoxicated, however I did not have the joy of shitting ones pants. While on my Youtube adventures, I stumbled upon the greatest thing ever: Andy Rehfeldt

This gentlemen right here takes popular songs and changes them while leaving most of the original vocals intact.  I figured I would share this with all of you.

Judas Priest: Bossa Nova Edition

Slayer: Angel of Death Radio Disney Version

Metal Justin Beiber


That’s it for me on this Labor Day! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.


Dicky Ahab

Dicky Ahab

What can I really say about myself? I enjoy beer, good company, and good video games. I've been addicted to Minecraft since Alpha and it's about the only game I've been hooked to for awhile now. I'm also into just about every FPS on the market (for PC, FPS has no place on the Console). That's really about it I guess.

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