Interview with Matt Anderson of Adestria

Adestria is an up and coming metalcore band from San Diego, CA. I had the privilege of spending 5 very smelly, very drunk, very awesome weeks with them on the summer pArtery tour. TOO MUCH FUN! But, what I really came to understand about Adestria is that they bring a passion and a live show that has been missed from the metalcore scene for far too long. You will honestly not meet a bunch of dudes who work harder at obtaining their goals. My good friend Matt Anderson, sat down with me and answered some questions to give you a better idea of who Adestria is and what they are all about. Head over to their FACEBOOK  and give them a listen if you aren’t yet familiar.


How long has Adestria been together and who started the band and what prompted you guys to do so?

Adestria has been together for nearly 4 years. It started like most bands do, just a group of friends with similar tastes in music that used a girlfriends empty garage as a place to write terrible, terrible songs, haha. Eventually, after a couple early member changes, and a more defined musical style, and a LOT of practice, we started to come into our own and become the band we are today.

Who have your biggest musical influences been and why have they influenced you?

Our influences over the years are fairly varied. Musically some of the big players are The Devil Wears Prada (of course), August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, etc. The style that these bands portray fits us. They’re heavy, yet catchy, and aren’t restricted to one sound. My vocal and lyrical background comes from bands like Comeback Kid, The Ghost Inside, Lower Definition, and Brand New. The passion and pure aggression that radiates from these bands  helped shape my own voice.


Coming from the state of California and especially a city like San Diego, where there seems to be a new  band popping up every other day, what would you say sets you apart from other bands?

Being from San Diego, there is a very diverse musical scene. This can be an obstacle because obviously, it’s hard to stand out. We’ve always prided ourselves on our live performance, and we believe that fans here responded to that. We love what we do, and if you see us live, that is very evident. Most importantly, we worked at it. We put school, friends, girlfriends, etc. on hold in order to pursue our dream. We spent hours outside local shows handing out fliers and stickers and cd’s. There is no miracle formula to taking your band to the next level other than persistence and dedication. Bands that spring up because of some fluke or gimmick will be gone just as fast.


You guys just recently signed to Artery records, was Artery always the clear choice for you or was there other options you considered?

Signing to Artery Recordings was a major highlight for us in 2011. We had talked about signing to the record label as soon as we had joined their management team early in the year, however they felt it was in our best interest to shop around. We had a couple offers from other labels, but none of them felt right. We wanted to work with people that shared the same passion for music that we have, and people that truly wanted to see us succeed and BELIEVED that we could. Artery embodied all of these aspects and we couldn’t be happier.

You guys just got off the summer pArtery tour with some fairly well established acts and seasoned tour veterans, In Fear And Faith, Vanna, A Loss For Words, and Close To Home. What experiences or lessons did you learn from them and that tour that you plan on taking with you for the future?

The pArtery tour was an incredible experience and the perfect way for us to get into touring. We were already friends with INFAF so they helped us break the ice with the rest of the bands. After the first week it felt less like a tour with 6 other bands, and more like a tour with our best friends. What it takes many bands years of touring to learn, we were fortunate enough to pick from watching the more seasoned bands like INFAF, Vanna and AL4W. They kind of took us under their collective wing and gave us tips, tricks, and advice on everything from getting a better crowd reaction, to dealing with labels.

With the constant growing presence of violence in metal and hardcore today, what do you think causes the separation amongst kids in the scene today? And what is the bands stand point on fighting at shows?

This style of music originated from the aggression and frustration and angst that kids feel growing up, but it has been warped and disfigured into this violent, chest puffing, “I’m tougher than you” brawl. The camaraderie that used to bond show-goers together is being lost by kids showing up just to fight. If you’re in the pit, you’re gonna get hit, plain and simple, but kids shouldn’t have to worry about assholes crowd bashing. Why would someone blatantly try to hurt another person that’s just trying to enjoy the show? Obviously there are times when you have to defend yourself, but if you show up looking to fight, you don’t belong at one of our shows.

Out of all the cities you guys played this summer, which was most memorable and why was it most memorable?

Out of all the cities we played, the 1 that stands out is Boston. It was Vanna and AL4W’s hometown show so it was packed, but that wasn’t why it was so memorable. A few nights before, Matty (al4w’s singer) received a phone call that his cousin had passed away due to a drug overdose. This hit the entire tour package pretty hard because we had all grown so close and could see how much he was hurting. In Boston, before singing Mt. St. Joseph, a song about another loved one that the band had lost to drugs, Matty told the crowd how much they were helping him deal with it, and during the final chorus, all of the bands came out on stage to sing along. It was kind of a healing process for all of us.

What is the band planning on doing in 2012?

In 2012, we’re planning to release our debut full length which is entitled “Chapters”. We recorded it with Nick Sampson of I Am Abomination who has also helped produce and record bands like Asking Alexandria, Of Mice and Men, Attack Attack, etc. After the album drops, we plan to hit the road and tour the entire year.


Here is a preview of “The Odyssey” off the debut album “Chapters” due out sometime this spring.

Who is the dirtiest on tour?

Haha, the dirtiest on tour would have to be a tie. We all took full advantage of every opportunity we had to shower (including washing our hair in sprinklers) which were few and far between.

If you guys could play with any band alive or dead who would you want to play with and why?

If we all sat down and had to come to an agreement as to 1 band we’d tour with, it’d probably be Chunk! No Captain Chunk! We just had way too much fun with them on tour, including introducing them to 4loko. Plus its fun hearing them say dirty stuff in their french accents.



I love Star Wars probably more than anything else. My second love is music. I have been fortunate to have lived my dream and toured the United States. I have tour managed for Underminded, Full Blown Chaos, Scars of Tomorrow, Catherine, Dear Life, and Close To Home. I spend my days listening to as much new music as I can and booking shows in my spare time.

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