I remember this: Jumping Flash!

Jumping Flash! is a first person platformer found on the original Playstation, and was released circa 1995. It was about a mechanical rabbit named Robbit (see what they did there?) whom is pitted against the evil astrophysicist Baron Aloha after he stole pieces of Robbit’s home world, Crater Planet. Your job is to go through three levels per world, find 5 carrots per level, and shoot and/or jump on any enemy that get’s in your cute and cold hearted way.

I used to rent this game all the time as a kid and it’s still shit loads of fun to play now, but unfortunately, the game was released before the whole dual shock controller took off, so needless to say you are crippled a bit in your movements. R1 is by default mapped to be the dedicated y-axis movement, but luckily the only real reason to use it is to look for platforms above your head to place your little rabbit feet. The platforming elements work really well in this game since the camera automatically looks down at your feet every time you double jump or triple jump, and your shadow is prevalently on the ground. It doesn’t hurt that they give you some major breathing room in terms of the hit detection for the ledges, either.

Stylistically, this game does what it can with vigor and gusto, given the limited power available from the console. Most of the enemies have a certain cute animal charm to them with some teetering on the weird side, while boss’s are large and range from anywhere between dragons, genies, and scorpions. The game utilizes a bright color scheme that works well for this game and is, in general, pleasing to the eye. There is a little bit of an issue with draw distance that can lead to some “where do I go” moments simply because you literally could not see where you needed to go, but those moments are far and in between.

If you’ve never played Jumping Flash! on the original Playstation, do yourself a favor and either hunt down a copy, or, if you have one, the game is also available on the PS3 Market. It’s not the prettiest game (who could honestly look back at any 3D Playstation game and say that it’s still attractive) but I believe style and innovation supersedes limitations.







Here’s the game in motion, to help explain what it’s all about:

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