Gypsy & The Cat

This one caught me off guard. I first heard Gypsy and the Cat while I was heading to work, listening to lastfm on to the ‘Oue Est Le Swimming Pool’ station. I was enjoying a good mix on the station when the song ‘Breakaway’, from their album Gilgamesh, came on and I was really excited to hear the rest of the album. Cynical as I am about a lot of band’s albums these days, I waited until I got home.

I shouldn’t have slept on this album at all.

The whole album is killer. It’s just an amazing set of songs on Gilgamesh. Enough underground hooks and dreamy introspective vocals to make hipsters cry, but enough amazing songwriting to actually give it weight. I’ve rarely come across albums lately that I’ve loved all the way through, because alot of groups anymore are just writing one or two hit jams and move on writing filler song after filler until you’ve got a 12 song effort. Gypsy brings it with this one. Synthpop, and smooth as hell.

Recommended Listening:

Time to wander, Breakaway, Jona Vark, Watching me, Watching you


"When I see a guy walking down the street with a stupid look on his face I just wanna smash his head in with a bottle, that's normal to me, its weird for me that no one else feels the same." Eric Ryan Olsen

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