Eric Paul – 5 Games to Spend the Winter With

Ah, winter. She is a cruel mistress. Normally my increasing participation in being a recluse is exacerbated more and more by each layer of clothing I must add in order to stay warm outside of my apartment walls. Around the height of the frigidness, I tend to look towards video games to distract me from the harsh conditions awaiting outside. Winter and I have a special relationship; It knocks on my door and I pretend it loves me and he’s not going to beat my ass once I open the door. Winter’s a good person, he just had a few too many to drink. Also, it seems winter is going through a gender identification crisis since I just referred to it as both a male and female in the same paragraph. Way to keep up with continuity, Eric. You’re really selling this scene.

I digress.

So, to combat the cold and to advocate the hermit life, I have compiled a list of games that I have chosen to spend winter with, and, in turn, I hope I can help guide you into doing the same with my recommended games. Without further ado, let the list, BEGIN!


#5Mario Kart Wii – Wii

mario For fans of: the Mario Kart series, arcade racers.

The Mario Kart franchise is one of the only racing games that I’ll play, but when I play it, I play the ever loving shit out of it. The main reason I play this game compared to all the other racing games out there isn’t because of the Mario universe characters, but because it is a balls-out, unabashed, arcade racer. Most racers today try to ground themselves to deeply in reality, and that almost defeats the purpose of video games. That’s a topic for another day though. You’re probably asking yourself “Why Mario Kart Wii instead of Double Dash?”. One word: Fuckingmotorcycles! The motorcycles were one of the best inclusions of any Mario Kart to date because they changed the way you race due to the different turning capabilities and their more precise drifting. On top of all that, Mario Kart Wii had subjectively the best variety when it came to courses.


#4Shadow of the Colossus – PS2/PS3

shadow For fans of: Adventure and puzzle games, The Legend of Zelda.

Giant slaying has never been more fun and beautiful than in Shadow of the Colossus. You hunt down Colossi in hopes to revive your lady. Each Colossi is a puzzle that you must solve in order to climb to the top to slay the beast. The sense of scale is mind boggling and was quite a technological feat given this first appeared on the PS2. I recommend checking out the PS3 HD re-release, though, as it is superior thanks to the better textures and higher video output.


#3Sanctum – Mac/PC

sanctum For fans of: 1st person shooters and castle defense games, Plants vs Zombies, and Half-life.

Castle defense games are addicting as hell, and Sanctum is no different. It’s your average castle defense game, only in this game you can join the fight by going into 1st person mode and get blood on your hands. It’s an interesting twist to the genre, and honestly I’m surprised no one has done it before.


#2Rogue Legacy – Mac/PC

Rogue For fans of: Castlevania.

Rogue Legacy was a surprise to me as I picked this game up on a whim during a Steam sale and have thoroughly enjoyed it since. It’s a randomly generated side-scroller, and by randomly generated, I mean the castle you are entering as well as the character you play. Each time you die you will restart outside the castle as one of your last characters children, each with their own unique personalities and quirks, and you enter a castle with a different layout each time. This game is hard to explain within only a few sentences, but it is immensely fun and difficult.


#1The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – 3DS

zelda For fans of: The Legend of Zelda and adventure games. 

What more can I say about this game that I didn’t already in my review? It’s nothing like I expected from a modern Zelda game, as it has more in common with the very first game in the series than any of the other recent games. Linearity has been plaguing the series since Ocarina of Time, and I’m glad that they shoved that ideal out the door. Let’s just hope that they do the same with the new Legend of Zelda game they are currently making on the Wii-U. I can’t recommend this game enough. If you have a 3DS, go buy this. You won’t regret it.

So there you have it. This was my list of games that I’ll be snuggling up with by the fire to stay warm. What games will you be playing?

Eric Paul

Eric Paul

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