Eric Paul – 5 Games to Spend the Winter With

Eric Paul

Eric Paul

I draw stuff and occasionally build websites. I sometimes like to write words about the video games, personal computing machine devices, and moving pictures too.

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106 Responses

  1. Kristopher Bolton says:

    No mention of Battlefield 4? This article is invalid.

  2. Adam says:

    I spent the winter with Rogue Legacy and it got me pregnant.

  3. Marc Douglasmynameismarc says:

    Heyy heyyy, no need to renege on any games! I instantly felt regret after submitting my list of games, but isn’t that a good sign? It’s so difficult to narrow it down to 5, even when trying to make a winter-oriented list. I really wish I had a 3DS to play A Link Between Worlds, but I’ve unfortunately never heard of the pc games – because pc games are for buttlickers. I almost included Shadow of the Colossus on mine too, such an incredible game!

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