Doctor Who’s New Opening Sequence Leaked (Update)

The Twelfth Doctor is upon us! Well, in the “Autumn” of this year at least. With that said, it looks like Neon Visual, the company behind this seasons title sequence, has released/leaked(?) the new opening credits sequence for Peter Capaldi’s incarnation of the Doctor.  On top of the opening being shown, they also show the title (presumably) to one of the upcoming episodes titled “The Deus Ex Machina”. I feel like they aren’t really trying with that title, but it could just be a placeholder.

Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat has said of the new season that there will be a return to a serious tone with the Twelfth Doctor, which, if true, is welcomed. I’ve enjoyed Matt Smith’s “Kramer” style Doctor after the heavy tone we got with David Tennant’s Doctor, but I’m not sure Capaldi would be best fit for stumbling about like Eleven. Honestly, if the series even reverts back to the serious-ish tone that surrounded the Tenth Doctor, I’d be happy. It may have been full of thinks, feels, and heavy hearts, but you can’t deny the impact Ten left.

I look forward to Capaldi taking over, but I’m not looking forward to waiting around all of 2014 to see new episodes. Ugh, I’m getting the shakes… I need my fix. You got some new Who? I’ll suck ya’lls dick for some new Who…

Update: It was brought to my attention that if I were to have read the description of the video I would have found out that this is not real, but a fan made opening sequence. My bad.

Eric Paul

Eric Paul

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