Diagrams – Black Lights

I have so much music on my computer that sometimes even I know I don’t know what I have. Randomly a song will come on itunes and a lot of the time I will hear something for the first time that I added months or even years ago and never got around to listening to it. That very thing happened to me tonight, and my ears were delighted by the sounds of Diagrams – Black Light.

Now, I don’t know much about this band other than they are from London, and it almost seems like every great indie band that I have gotten into in the last year or so seems to be from overseas. They must have some magic in the water over there that makes music better. Black Light starts off as almost any other indie record, soft and mellow with that eerie chord progression that, I will admit, I was initially going to dismiss and change the song because I felt like I had heard it so many times before. I’m glad I didn’t trust my instincts and kept with the track because my ears were greeted by a surprise little keyboard part and a catchy hook.

By the end of the song, I found myself wanting to sing along with the very catchy chorus, “On a ghost lit night, on a ghost lit night, on a ghost lit fight night.” As the record progressed, there was more pop than I could handle and I felt like jumping out of my bed and just starting a dance party right in my room. Frontman (and only actual permanent member of the band) Sam Genders has a way of pulling you in with his unique lyrics and pop grooves through out the whole album. There were times where I even felt a sense of Neil Young and some 70s vibes.

Overall, for never having a heard this band prior, I love this record. I recommend the tracks “Ghost Lit Night” and “Tall Buildings” for starters. If you like what you hear, support Diagrams and pick up their record on iTunes. I will be keeping an eye out for new music from Sam and company in the future.





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