Dead Snow 2 Trailer Debut

*If you watch this trailer, you will be subjected to spoilers*

Dead Snow (found on the Netflix here) was one of those rare horror/dark comedy crossovers that actually pulls off being a great horror film all the while hitting every comedic note perfectly without one or the other being absolutely dreadful. A good way to describe this is if Evil Dead was done by a bunch of Norwegians, and the zombies were Nazis. Intrigued yet? You’re being quite needy, but that’s all you’re getting from me. Go watch the first flick. And before you ask, you DO have to read your movie, but god dammit if it isn’t fantastic!

Tommy Wirkola (whose most recent work was Hansel and Gretel; take that as you will)  is back in the directors chair for this outing, and, from what we’ve seen in this trailer, seems to be keeping Dead Snow 2: Red Vs Dead just as ridiculous as the first. seems to think it’s being released in January 2014, and if that holds true, then it looks like we’ll be in for one hell of a winter. Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments below, and for the love of some sort of god-like creature, go watch the first Dead Snow.

Eric Paul

Eric Paul

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