DayZ Alpha Released on Steam

Rejoice, survivors, DayZ has been released on Steam! Since this is an early access release, I should probably preface this with “it’s an alpha version”, but if you’ve been playing the Arma 2 mod then I feel like you could stomach a few bugs and glitches here and there, especially when this is a much fuller, more realized world, and closer to Rocket’s vision. On top of that, it’s only $29.99 currently. Once it gets out of alpha, I imagine the price will be raised. It does kind of sting if you’re an early adopter because you’ll have to purchase this game all over again, but I feel it’s worth the money if it means a better game.

In lieu of the release, it appears that┬áBohemia Interactive has released a proper trailer for the game. They are a bit of a Debbie downer since it seems to highlight the player vs player aspect of the game, and the end scene is a long drawn out suicide, but it does paint the game in a very intriguing light as it asks more questions than it answers. I’ll be purchasing my copy soon, let’s just hope Debbie can lift my spirits with actual gameplay and survival.


Source: Steam

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