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I only have a few fears in this world and clowns are NOT one of those fears. A mildly irrational fear of germs? Yes sir, I’m not down with your sickness. A perfectly rational fear of getting hit in the jaw with a baseball from missing a catch by mere millimeters while playing outfield? Absolutely, teeth pain is the worst. A healthy fear of ingesting mustard or even touching the container that yellow dick puss plague comes in? You bet your sweet ass I do, Judgy Judy. With that being said, the trailer for the Eli Roth produced¬†CLOWN scares the anus piss out of me. I can’t wait to see it in theaters!

I must warn you, my friend, this is the superior trailer out of the videos available for this movie, and the other trailer kind of makes me believe that the kid actor in the movie will make me want to retroactively abort him out of existence due to his poor performance. I’m hoping he doesn’t have a very large roll in the film though and is rather just used in the trailers as a sympathy point. You can watch the other trailer here.

What say you, fellow horror fans, does this trailer peak your interest? Let us know in the comments.


Via Shock Till You Drop

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