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With my life typifying the very essence of “broke college student”, I tend to make the best of every thrift store visit; while most people earnestly comb the store in hopes of finding an ironic band shirt, or slightly irregular pair of jeans, I search for consoles and peripherals and then for scary metal shirts.

A great deal of the items I’ve found have been at various Savers or the nearby Maj-R Thirft, but it’s arrant chance when intentionally searching; it’s always best to keep an eye out and fully explore – this particular find was nestled amongst the couches and recliners at the back of the Maj-R Thrift Store.

 found at Maj-R Thrift - W 47th/ Kansas City, KS

found at Maj-R Thrift – W 47th/ Kansas City, KS

Sega Saturn! I knew that’d get your attention. Okay, I’m sure it didn’t, but it’s still an amazing find.

This particular gem, or its lack of adjuncts rather, is commonplace for most video game thrift store finds; it’s actually quite difficult to find any consoles in a neat and tidy package while thrifting, but for 400 pennies, I had to fight every urge to buy it.

The Sega Saturn is certainly up there with some of my favorite consoles of all time, coming in behind the Dreamcast. Strangely enough, the Dreamcast (found at Red Racks Thrift Store – Wornall/Kansas City, MO) is the only console I’ve found to refute the “neat and tidy” statement, but the bundle was also $40, and well, I’m cheap.

Divergence aside, this console was heavily scratched and the price tag is discernibly emblazoned with the “as is” cautioning; without the cords to test it, it could’ve been a complete loss, but at four boners, it wouldn’t have been a very costly one – even if it didn’t work, I could’ve repurposed it for storage, or turned it into a hotplate somehow.

Maybe not a hotplate.

Either way, the next time you go thrifting, keep an eye out! You never know what kind of treasures may turn up; if you’re anything like fellow Geekarate writer Casey, you may end up in possession of something more modern like his recently passed Playstation 3 (found at Catholic Charities – 87th St/Overland Park, KS) – sleep peacefully, ebony prince.

And thus concludes our Cheap Gamer segment; stay posted for our next piece, especially if you’re a Nintendo fan!

Marc Douglas

Marc Douglas

I'm currently a full-time student that spends far too much time playing video games and very little on homework; I'm elated to share my thoughts and rants with such an eclectic group of authors and welcome any and all questions!

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