Cheap Gamer – Gamecube Controller

With my life typifying the very essence of “broke college student”, I tend to make the best of every thrift store visit; while most people earnestly comb the store in hopes of finding an ironic band shirt, or slightly irregular pair of jeans, I search for consoles and peripherals and then  for scary metal shirts.

So, let’s get into it!

This particular find, which I’m rather fond of, is the result of many obstinate searches in pursuit of a Gamecube controller in usable condition; as you can see, this one is nearly perfect less the painful Instagram filter. Despite the notable clashing of a black controller with my shimmery silver Gamecube console, this couldn’t have been a better find, especially for 700 pennies.

The location for this bounty was none other than the Savers in Overland Park off of West 95th St. Casually draped over the droves of miscellaneous coils of cell phone accessories and chargers, this polychromatic siren exhorted that I rescue her, and I did just that.

Interestingly enough, this specific Savers is no stranger to incredible video game finds, but like most thrift stores, goodies are typically peppered throughout the store on the account of assumedly irresolute customers; on any particular visit, it isn’t atypical to find games populating the console range of the Nintendo DS to the Playstation 3 – it’s always a jostled selection, but well worth exploring.

As always, keep your eyes open and your reservations quelled, because thrift stores are an absolute treasure trove of video game goodies and it’s up to you to capitalize!

Marc Douglas

Marc Douglas

I'm currently a full-time student that spends far too much time playing video games and very little on homework; I'm elated to share my thoughts and rants with such an eclectic group of authors and welcome any and all questions!

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