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Ohhhh science, I cannot express how excited I am for the upcoming release of Behemoth’s The Satanist; with Evangelion absolutely demolishing over it’s nearly three and a half year sprawl, it’s about time for something new from the Polish quartet. Behemoth had been understandably sidelined due to Nergal’s health rapidly diminishing just one year after Evangelion’s release, but the time spent between material seems to have resulted in a bit of maturation within the group, because this video is absolutely unhinged.

Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel feels different in most regards and doesn’t tend to follow the standard methodology of Behemoth songwriting; you can tell that Evangelion was moving in this general direction, but the band allows the song to naturally mature over the four and a half minute span instead of pummeling the listener with little to no relent. As with most death metal, song structure and general directionality is chiefly supported by the drummer, but Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel relies less on Inferno’s propensity to play and blast at high BPM’s, and instead allows the song to build and evolve – it obviously still has blasting, and when it finally hits, it’s glorious. 

Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel represents a substantial step forward for a band that could’ve very easily become further entrenched in a genre that hardly concerns itself with evolution – given the fact that most material preceding Zos Kia Kultus is unlistenable, Behemoth’s choice to push their boundaries is warmly welcomed.

With the album slated for an early February release, The Satanist is also to be released as a deluxe box with the inclusion of a CD/DVD digibook, 44 page booklet, 3.5’ x 5’ poster flag, wooden black inverted rosary cross (crucial), metal pin, black envelope with black communion wafers along with the “Live Barbarossa” DVD and the quintessential “making of” documentary of The Satanist. As insanely tempting as the deluxe box is, it’s being offered as an European import, so it could be undoubtedly pricey even though those communion wafers are enough to sway anyone’s opinion.

Aside from the essential deluxe box, smaller pre-order bundles are also posted in the Behemoth merch store that include the CD, LP, and T-shirt as well as limited edition 12” pressings of the newest single that are not only hand-numbered, but are limited in quantity.

Nevertheless, take a moment to revel in the new music with the embedded SFW video or the NSFW version on Vimeo:

Marc Douglas

Marc Douglas

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