Behemoth Releases Artwork for The Satanist

With the release date of Behemoth’s The Satanist nearing, the band has dropped another teaser in the form of album artwork that is absolutely incredible. Okay, so “incredible” is actually a minimization as one of the underpinning attributes of the album artwork is that Nergal actually contributed his own blood to be mixed with the paint!

Last I heard of anything of this caliber was Joey Jordison of previous Slipknot acclaim and his blood going into his signature Pro-Mark drumsticks, but that’s another story.

The album artwork was painted by Russian occultist Denis Forkas ( with additional help from Zbigniew Bielak and Metastazis; the album is slated to release the 4th of February and is accompanied by a rather impressive array of bonus options – for a more comprehensive breakdown of what to expect, check out this previous update on The Satanist. 

Pre-orders are currently available for The Satanist on iTunes and Amazon; be sure to stay posted for more updates on this incredibly anticipated release.



Marc Douglas

Marc Douglas

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