Band Of The Week:The Skeptics

Hailing from Topeka, KS, which is known for, wait, what is Topeka known for? Nothing really in the world of music, except for Origin and Diskreet, which are death metal bands, and being a blip on the radar of Kansas even though it is the state capitol. Well, get prepared Topeka, because The Skeptics are about to put you guys on the map.

The Skeptics are a highly talented four piece hip-hop group, comprised of members Fresh Man, Scotty Mills, Chief Roc, and JMO. Incorporating a love of old school hip-hop, a barrage of hooks, and a fury of rhymes that would make Ol’ Dirty wake from the dead, they bring a sound that old and new hip-hop fans alike can appreciate.


Their latest effort, “1990 Now” a mixtape which features another local rapper Stik Figa, pays tribute to the best generation of hip-hop in my personal opinion the 1990s. Using the beats of such icons as Dr. Dre, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, and even an occasional Wu-Tang sample, this mixtape reeled me in from the beginning. Curious as to what you’re missing out on? You’re in luck the mixtape is available for download for free over at

For fans of: Gangstarr, Black Star, Binary Star




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