Artist of the Month – Justin Van Genderen

Justin Van Genderen, a talented graphic artist from Chicago, Illinois, whose work you may have seen on such fine websites as Gizmodo, Wired, and Collider. If you’re not familiar with his work, you could either pop over to his website, or, if you can keep your undies dry long enough (I’m looking at you, Brian), simply continue reading and I’ll post some of his artwork.

This 34 year old digital illustrator has been on the scene for the past 12 years, but has been into art since his young’n days reading comic books from Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane. Recently, his art has been more influenced by directors and scientists such as Stephen Hawking, Spike Jonze, and Alfred Hitchcock (which you can tell by his prowess for using movies and space exploration as his subject matter), but he hasn’t forgotten about his love for comic books.

You can follow Justin and give him some love on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, or you can join his mailing list here so you can keep up with his latest work.

Eric Paul

Eric Paul

I draw stuff and occasionally build websites. I sometimes like to write words about the video games, personal computing machine devices, and moving pictures too.

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