An Arm Chair Warrior’s Rant

There was a time and a place when video games brought me joy, and standing in line for a game to come out was already penciled into my schedule. I would read all the rumors, all the facts, and read reviews from people who were already in the beta to find out what the game was going to be like before I shoved my hard earned money into another video game. However, things have not been as luxurious for me in the gaming department lately.

Every time I would pick up a game, I always had friends picking up the same game so we could play it together. We would gather an assortment of taco flavored snacks, energy drinks, and soda to enjoy during our 24 – 72 hour escapade into a new land we had never set foot into before. That land always had room for LAN, or always had room for Co-Op story lines. Countless hours were lost as we either triumphed over enemy forces or solved puzzles. Our favorite lands though were always the sand box lands. No goal in sight and nothing more but our wits about us to keep us warm and safe.

Things changed with console gaming started triumphing over PC gaming. People started waiting for the consoles themselves before they even looked at the gaming catalogue that came along with it. A giant caterpillar of fan boys waiting to eat anyone who had an opinion that didn’t agree with the rest of them met you at the doors. The pride, warmth, and joy that came with gaming had been sucked away and traded for technical jargon companies threw at you to make an extra buck. I came to the sudden understanding that I was having trouble fitting into a culture I had always adored.

The era of packing nine hundred dollars worth of computer equipment into a twelve hundred dollar car to play in a basement for days on end was over. Cleaning crumbs out of my keyboard after hours of snacking and grinding was slowly dying. Sure, there was Steam and Origin that I could connect with others and play with, but it is just not the same.

Whatever happened to LAN parties? Why do we pride ourselves on sharing one screen with each other when we could all have a screen to ourselves? Instead we “evolved” to blaming it on dying batteries, or broken joysticks. Keyboards have fallen silent in the basements of my friends, and the era of the arm chair warrior is barely clinging to life.

Dicky Ahab

Dicky Ahab

What can I really say about myself? I enjoy beer, good company, and good video games. I've been addicted to Minecraft since Alpha and it's about the only game I've been hooked to for awhile now. I'm also into just about every FPS on the market (for PC, FPS has no place on the Console). That's really about it I guess.

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