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An ongoing love-letter to art, entertainment, and technology

We are a collection of writers, artists, programmers, film-makers, and illustrators working together to share the magic in the world as we see it. We feature an eclectic array of content that gives us an unquenchable desire to tell everyone we know.

Welcome to our dojo.

Review Policy

At Geekarate, we feel that negative-by-default reviews are a waste of time. So, we don’t dabble in em’. We avoid scoring systems altogether. We see it like this: If we are talking about it, we think there is gold in it, even if there is a little shit on its face.

We honor all embargoes and NDA’s that are not set post-release. If you would like to give us the honor of reviewing your product, give us a shout on our Contact Us page.

A Bottom Line

Everything found at Geekarate represents only our opinion, and it is encouraged that you form your own. When you have grown that opinion—cared for it, trained it, fed it a leaf—we also encourage you to release it into our comments sections to spar with the other opinions wearing metaphorical Sock’em Boppers. BUT, the moment your opinion takes off those Boppers and starts wiping its shitty, racist, homophobic, sexist muck on the couch, our mods will step in and Crane-kick you out of the gym. Get outta here with that garbage. It’s 2017.