A Nerd’s Quest

I’ve decided to take all of the articles I was thinking about writing, and putting them into one solid article. Hopefully even this will cure the boredom I’m sure all nerds and gamers alike have faced: The lack of a project. I’ve moved on from Minecraft and tried to fulfill the emptiness it has left inside of me with various projects and various video games on the PC, however nothing has cured this boredom I have inside of me. This hunger has done nothing but ravished the various addictions I have locked down and pushed away for the last month or so.

It all started after I got banned from a server on Minecraft I use to be a staff member on, however I won’t mutter its name here. I won’t get into it but long story short one of their administrators is a corrupt douche bag and I wasn’t going to just sit there without saying something about it. He decided to replace me with someone who would agree with everything he said and did after the various uprisings on the server caused by yours truly.

I find myself without a game or a project to keep myself occupied with so I decide to bust out the old game catalogue. An assortment of titles and entertainment was bestowed upon me as tried to choose a new addiction. However, I must make at least one of you rage as I compile a list for all to see.

1. Space Marine – After 2 hours of playing, I became bored
2. Skyrim – I did not feel like an RPG after 15 minutes of playing
3. Call of Duty – 12 year olds screaming over the microphone can keep their game
4. Sins of a Solar Empire – After the first 10 face fucks I received, I promptly raged and quit playing it
5. Batman Arkham City – Played it, beat it, forgot it
6. DeadIsland – Couldn’t get into the main game, however White Ryder was decent
7. Magicka – It’s only fun for a few minutes.
8. Dragon Ball Online – I can’t read Taiwanese otherwise I’d be playing it.

After this list, something grew inside me even more and I browsed the web for something to occupy my time with. Then an idea came at me like a monkey with two cinderblocks bolted to its hands. I was going to re-watch one of my favorites until I died of hunger. The Dragon ball extravaganza lasted all 154 episodes and then 7 episodes into Dragon ball Z. OH, the nostalgia! However, my hunger felt cheated and wanted a main course instead of just a humble appetizer.

Two days later here I am with PCSX 2 TC Edition 8 and a copy of Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkiachi 3 armed with a PC controller and a shit ton of hours to dump into it. I was going to achieve and get everything in game until my fingers became one with that controller. I put more finger time on my controller then I had put on my twig and berries in a lifetime. However, even this was short lived as I still craved more.

Being as bored as I was I decided to leave the iOS scene and dive into the Android scene. A friend helped this addiction by supplying me a Motorola Backflip running CM7. My fingers and eyes danced together as the back light lit up the inner core of my boredom, working the dust and cob webs off my nerd turbines. I had done it, I had achieved perfect nerd Zen and there was nothing anything could do to ruin it. Until that fateful addiction I had been hiding for three years popped in to say “Fuck you”.

No, I’m not talking about crack or heroine but I might as well being as this is just as bad for you. My brother shares in this addiction with me, and it’s something we can do together that doesn’t suggest we might get an STD. The launcher pops up, the patches download, and my nerd senses orgasm onto my macros.

It was time to start my Tauren warrior a new and traverse the universe that is Cataclysm. It cured my hunger just as cigarettes do, it left a bad taste in my mouth but I was no longer hungry. Even though World of Warcraft is the devil, I feel complete again. I guess the only proper way to end this article would be to tell you what I’ve learned from all of this.

Diablo III is worth waiting for.

Dicky Ahab

Dicky Ahab

What can I really say about myself? I enjoy beer, good company, and good video games. I've been addicted to Minecraft since Alpha and it's about the only game I've been hooked to for awhile now. I'm also into just about every FPS on the market (for PC, FPS has no place on the Console). That's really about it I guess.

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